Wednesday, November 5, 2008

An ideal definition for Stage Manager

Stage managers are responsible and adaptable communicators who have the ability to handle and coordinate diverse groups of artistic personalities with tactful discipline and a sense of humour.They establish a creative environment by combining the ability to prioritize and anticipate and solve problem with calm sentivity and grace under pressure. Their ability to do the above stems from organisational,ability,acquired technical knowledge , familiarity with union requirements and an inspirational personality that creates positive energy.


tegezoot said...

ang nak ang la tuh! hmm... nanti la aku buat survey. kita tengok apa kata survey!!!

nyda said...

mintak tunjuk ajar ye cane nk jd SM..boleh kn?..huhuhu

artsoul said...

very impressive :)

PuTeRi CaHaYa said...

hg kan pakar!!

Pegawai Khalwat said...

hang kalau speaking english dengaq baku abih!

Anak Antu Seni said...

tegezoot ..
survey apa ?

suruh pk ajaq..

tq , where have u been ? long time no see ? heheh

hang lagi pakar

well.. u know me !

zul rahman said...