Monday, November 24, 2008


artsoul said...

sound like u flipping burger?

haha,no r not...we like u the way u are..if some of them under estimate ur capability... let it be,u got nothing to loose...

Butaseni said...

ayat mcm blog puteri cahaya aja hahaha

bila nak panggang aym lagi?

zul rahman said...

Noted. Agreed. Bold and acceptable.

This is the time, there is nothing to be hide. Show it to the world, tell them,
"look, look at what i want to tell, (do not look at me), look at what i want to tell"

There is no one who can stop YOU but YOURSELF.
(bukankah kita ini adalah pejuang?)

Dive, dive deep inside. Dive to the deepest part of the ocean.

Worry and fear nothing but God.

This is it!
This is the time.

Rise yourself,
You are call upon!